"There will be no guest list spot for you at my shows if you are not fully vested in my movement You will not eat my food and drink backstage."

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"…because what we’re doing is very serious. And we’re taking people to the edge of their understanding and we’re showing them the abyss, we’re showing them over the edge what’s there. But because we live in a culture that essentially trivializes what we do, we don’t tend to think it through in that way. But we don’t have to play that game, and we can make it something very serious and very beautiful. And that, to me, is the basic responsibility of elegance that binds us all together."

— Derren Brown, from his 1999 lecture at International Magic (via doublelift)

"For women in the ancient world, the cemetery areas had always been a zone of ‘low gravity’ where their movements and choice of company were less subject to male scrutiny and control of the family. The new shrines, when not crowded on days of festival, were oases of peace and beauty… we can see how the vast tranquility of a shrine could engulf and heal a woman caught in the rigidities of her urban setting."

Peter Brown

The Cult of the Saints

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Before 2012 slips away it’s worth remembering that this is the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of Thomas Kuhn’s hugely influential book, The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, which was itself revolutionary, and has sold more than a million copies worldwide. Almost every time you…


I questioned her why the people were being beastly to her. And I got to know this little soul and she told me quite a lot of things which you might put down as being folklore. So I ended up knowing a little bit about witches.

She taught me a lot of things which were sensible: like if you hold a stone in your hand and let it drop, it will fall to the ground. And you can do the same thing thousands and thousands of times and nothing will ever make the stone do anything else. And wet is wet, and hot is hot and cold is cold. Take the facts of life, she told me, and do not listen to all the theories.


- from a conversation with Cecil Williamson, founder of the Museum of Witchcraft in Boscastle, Cornwall

"You ask why I make my home in the mountain forest,
and I smile, and am silent,
and even my soul remains quiet:
it lives in the other world
which no one owns.
The peach trees blossom,
The water flows."

— Li Po (via devilduck)

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I know flies in milk

I know the man by his clothes

I know fair weather from foul

I know the apple by the tree

I know the tree when I see the sap

I know when all is one

I know who labors and who loafs

I know everything but myself.

I know the coat by the collar

I know the monk by the cowl

I know the master by the servant

I know the nun by the veil

I know when a hustler rattles on

I know fools raised on whipped cream

I know the wine by the barrel

I know everything but myself.

I know the horse and the mule

I know their loads and their limits

I know Beatrice and Belle

I know the beads that count and add

I know nightmare and sleep

I know the Bohemians’ error

I know the power of Rome

I know everything but myself.

Prince I know all things

I know the rosy-cheeked and the pale

I know death who devours all

I know everything but myself.


Ballade, by François Villon, c. 1431–1464 (Trans. Galway Kinnell)  

"In short, the creational work of culture - unpacking the stores of potential latent in creation ‘to the praise of his glory’ - is what we’re made for. Since redemption is precisely the renewal and restoration of creation, then good culture-making is also what we’re saved for."

— Jamie Smith, Letters to a Young Calvinist (via invisibleforeigner)


Then, my father, do they have (a) day?”

"My son, they are spiritual ones. For they exist as forces that grow other souls. Therefore I say that they are immortal.


— Nag Hammadi - Codex VI- Tractate 6

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The Christian Remembrancer, Volume 12, Pg. 102 Printed for F.C. & J. Rivington, 1846

The Christian Remembrancer, Volume 12, Pg. 102 Printed for F.C. & J. Rivington, 1846